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This is a reminder that all answers are anonymous and will be grouped into one big database.  We cannot connect any answers to individuals. 

These questions are meant to be answered by you, reflecting just your perspective.  If you have a spouse, partner or adult child who also wishes to participate, they should also take a full survey on their own.  

How long have you been a Parishioner at Mary Queen of Heaven Church?

Which of these describe your home best?

Which of these best describe your recent involvement as a parishioner at Mary Queen of Heaven Church?

What is the BEST part of being a parishioner at Mary Queen of Heaven Church these days?

This is a RANK order question, please drag-and-drop these into order. 

  • 1 The rituals and traditions of the masses
  • 2 The small, welcoming, neighborhood feel
  • 3 The teaching of Fr. Jason and the Deacons
  • 4 The opportunities for giving and volunteering.
  • 5 Meeting and working with other people/families like me
  • 6 The children’s ministries and the focus on families.
  • 7 Something else?

Which of these best describe your impression of the Mary Queen of Heaven parish today?